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WCET® International Delegates and members are encouraged to contribute to the bullETin.
Since 2019, the WCET® BullETin has
 volume and number per issue as an ISSN number.


Author guidelines for bullETin submissions

bullETin, the magazine for WCET® members, publishes articles from all over the WCET® world written by WCET® members.

All submissions should be emailed to :

[email protected]


bullETin, the magazine for WCETⓇ members, publishes articles from all over the WCETⓇ world written by WCETⓇ members. All submissions should be emailed to [email protected].au by the due date. Submissions must be final and ready to be published - not a first draft to be revised.

bullETin magazine welcomes all types of reports, letters, observations, celebrations and commentaries on all events of interest to WCET® members.

Reports can be short or long and take the form of:

·       'Stories from the bedside'

·       case reports

·       conference reports

·       study day/seminar reports

·       implementation of new programmes/processes

·       other event reports.

When submitting case reports or 'stories from the bedside', please do not include photographs that identify patients or personal information about patients without written patient consent to do so.

Preparation of articles

Submissions will be accepted from any country but must be written in English and supplied in a Word file. All photographs and figures must be jpegs of at least 100kb in size but no larger than 1000kb. Each photograph must have a sentence that explains what each photograph is about and who is in the photo. For each person in a photograph: ensure you have permission to publish from each; work titles; credentials and professions.

For members whose first language is not English, a translation of the English version into another language can also be submitted. The member must attest at submission time that the supplied translation is a true and accurate translation of the English text. There is no guarantee that the translation will be published.

Articles are to be no more than 1200 words. Tables should be submitted as Word files and clearly typed, showing columns and lines. Number the tables consecutively using Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3...) in the order of their first citation in the text and supply a brief title for each.

All work is copy-edited to magazine style and the editors reserve the right to modify the style and length of any article submitted, so that it conforms to bullETin format.

Once it is published, copyright of the article, including tables, figures and photographs, belongs to WCET®.


If the article has references, they need to be Vancouver style, the main feature of which is the use of numbers at the point of reference, in superscript (1), so as not to interfere with the flow of words. Each number corresponds to a single reference provided in the reference list at the end and, once assigned a number, a reference retains that number throughout the article, even if cited more than once. If more than one work is quoted in a reference, each work must be assigned a number.

Conflicts of interest

It is the responsibility of authors to disclose to the editor any financial and nonfinancial relationships that could be viewed as presenting a potential or actual conflict of interest.

For example: if a company pays an author to write a report about that company's product, this should be disclosed at the end of the article.


Any acknowledgements should also appear at the end of the article.


Last reviewed and revised 21 August 2020


Below are the submission deadlines for the upcoming issues of the bullETin:

  • Issue 1: 15 January
  • Issue 2: 15 June
  • Issue 3: 15 October