WCET® Editorial Board Role

As a volunteer board, members of the WCET® Editorial Board, play an important part in maintaining the quality of the WCET® Journal. The WCET® Editorial Board members working with the WCET® Journal Editor, review articles and provide direction and oversight for various sections in the journal such as book reviews, abstracts from previous WCET® congresses and the annual index, to name just a few. WCET® Editorial Board members provide peer review of manuscripts sent to the journal and provide a recommendation to the editor regarding suitability of the manuscript for publication in the WCET® Journal. The Editorial Board members' insights and comments on a manuscript are then collated by the Journal Editor or Assistant Editors and sent to the author(s) of the manuscript. Editorial Board members also encourage the submission of articles to the WCET® Journal.

For more information about the Journal, contact the WCET® JOURNAL EDITOR.



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The WCET® Journal welcomes submissions of research findings, clinical papers, reports, review articles, and letters to the editor. We publish articles in English and translations in another language if provided by the author. WCET® does not provide translation services.

Make sure to check out the Guidelines for Authors given on this site and do not forget to complete a release form for publishing the material.

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2018-2020 WCET® Journal Editor   


Dr Jennifer L. Prentice

[email protected]


(If you are interested in being a member of the Editorial Board please email me)


2018-2020 WCET® Editorial Board

Elisabeth A. Ayello, WCET® President, USA: Executive Editor Emeritus

Hiske Smart, South Africa: Assistant Editor IIWCC content


Barbara Delmore, USA: Assistant Editor Wounds

Judy Pullen, UK: Assistant Editor Ostomy

Sarah Lebovits, USA: Assistant Editor Ostomy

Kevin Woo, Canada: Assistant Editor Continence


Sharon Baranoski, USA

Carmel Boylen, Australia

Eva Carlsson, Sweden

Pankaj Choudvary, India

Jill Cox, USA

Lori Henderson, USA

Chi Keung Peter Lai, Hong Kong

Diane Maydick, USA

Daniel O’neill, USA

R Gary Sibbald, Canada

Erica Thibault, USA

Michelle Lee Wai-Kuen, Hong Kong


Lupita Lobo Cordero, Mexico
Sandra Guerrero Gomboa, Columbia
Ayisa Karadag, Turkey
Svatava Nova’kova’, Czech Republic
Ingunn Aamot, Norway
Supun Prageeth Samarakoon, Sri Lanka 
June Zhang, China