2018-2020 Education Committee Chairperson



Denise Hibbert

[email protected]

Saudi Arabia

2016-2018 WCET Education Committee

Carol Stott, Australia

Carmen George, Australia 

Elizabeth English, Australia

Sonia Dantas, Brazil

Vera Santos, Brazil

Louise Forest-Lalande, Canada - Past President WCET

Virginia McNaughton, Canada

Heidi Hevia, Chile

Hong Yang (Heidi) Hu, China

Aihua (Alice) Chen, China

Song Pauli, China

Julia Weng, China

Nidia Sandra Guerrero Gamboa, Colombia

Peter Lai, Hong Kong

Chak Hau Pang, Hong Kong

Irma Puspita Arisanty, Indonesia,

Arum Pratiwi, Indonesia - WCET NNGF Committee Chairperson

Zahra Dokouhaki, Iran

Mariam Mohd Nasir, Malaysia

Lupita Lobo Cordero, Mexico

Louise Rafferty, Saudi Arabia

Laurent Chabal, Switzerland - WCET Publications Committee Chairperson

Kai-Li (Kelly) Lee, Taiwan

Jo Sicca, UK

Jill Cox, USA

Wang Ling-Yan, China


WCET Education Committee Goals & Objectives 2016-2018 

1. General aims and goals:

  • To collaborate for the accomplishment of the WCET objectives, mission and vision;
  • To support the development of ET education around the world, mainly in developing countries and in where there is no WOCN specialized education;
  • To collaborate with the other WCET Committees on the continuous development and improvement of WCET activities around the world;
  • To improve the efficiency of the ETNEP/REP recognition process;
  • To increase the number and quality of agreements between WCET and international educational organizations towards a better quality of specialized ET/WOC education;
  • To stimulate the creative efforts of Education Committee members in the development of new educational resources and materials.


2. Specific goals:

  • To organize committee members in task groups to: review all Education Committee forms and procedures, mainly updating ETNEPs/ REPs checklists; update website; elaborate the students’ and programmes certificates; and new educational resources as videos, pocket guides etc..);
  • To stimulate members to send more written materials to WCET BullETin and JWCET (a least one subject each two BullETins).


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