COVID-19 Educational Resources

WCET® warmly thanks all of our partners who have allowed us to share their work on this World Wide health care crisis.
We do hope there resources will helps you all!

Keep up all your great work- you are our heros.


Powtoon: Coronavirus Health & Safety Guide: How to Protect Yourself (and others)

Documents shared by NSWOCC

Prevention and Management of Skin Damage related to Personal Protected Equipment (PPE): update 2020

Documents shared by GPET* & SOBEST
*Research Group on Stomal Therapy: ostomy wound and continence, of School of Nursing, University of São Paulo

Skin Injuries related to the use of Personal Protection Equipment in Health Care Professionals


Documents from WOCN® Society


Reprint of the NPIAP skin manifestation with Covid-19 publish in WCETⓇ Journal 2020; 40(2)



WUWHS - JWC International Consensus Document



Document shared by the International Council of Nurses


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