Skin Tears Webinar

With the support of 3M Brazil and in collaboration with SOBEST we are very pleased to offer this skin tear webinar for viewing in three languages: Portuguese and Portuguese with both Spanish and English subtitles.

This webinar approaches the skin tear definitions, risk and associated factors, assessment tools, prevention and management measures according to the most recent evidences.  Although an "old" acute lesion, as early as a few years ago skin tears have been studied in amore scientific way supporting the concerns about this wound which is a very common one in all health facilities and bedsides at home.

Distinguished Faculty
Vera Lúcia Conceição de Gouveia Santos
Associate Professor, PhD, CETN (TiSOBEST Emerit)
Associate Professor 3 of Medical Surgical Nursing Department
Nursing School of the University of Sao Paulo
Member of the WCET Education Committee
Chair of International Relationships of SOBEST

Please click on the links below to download the webinar recordings in the language of your choice  Please note the spoken language in both presentations is Portoguese:

Webinar presentation with English subtitles

Webinar presentation with Spanish subtitles