As the recognised global centre of Enterostomal Therapy Nursing (ET) information we encourage WCET® members to contribute to the WCET® Journal.

If you would like to submit an article for publication follow the steps below.

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The World Council of Enterostomal Therapists® Journal welcomes your contributions that relate to the clinical, administrative, research and/or educative roles of the Enterostomal Therapy Nurse (ETN). These include scientific papers, case studies, reports, letters of comment and enquiry or informal papers, which discuss items of interest. The WCET® Journal is peer-reviewed and indexed in CINAHL.

Your Manuscript

Your articles are an important way for the WCET® to accomplish its mission of the ongoing education of Enterostomal Therapy Nurses. Here’s a guideline to help you prepare and send your manuscript for an article to the WCET® Journal.

Word Limit

Manuscripts up to 3,000 words.


All manuscripts must be submitted in English. If an article is published in the journal it may be translated into other languages by independent translators. Please note that the WCET® Journal does not accept responsibility for errors and omissions, which may occur when publishing non-English text.

Title page

On a separate title page please include the following information:

  • Title of your manuscript
  • Author(s) information: name, work title and place of employment, mailing address, email address
  • Date

Make sure that jpeg photos of all authors are uploaded and given file designation Title Page.


An abstract of your manuscript is required.


Use numbers to cite references. They must be in numerical order in the text of your manuscript with a complete reference list provided at the end of your manuscript in the correct referencing format (see below).

  • Journal: A complete journal reference includes: (1) name(s) of author(s), (2) title of article, (3) journal name, (4) year of publication, (5) volume and edition number, and (6) inclusive page numbers.
  • Book: A complete reference to a book includes (1) name(s) of author(s) or editor(s), (2) book title, (3) edition number, (4) name of publisher, (5) place of publication (6) year of publication, (7) specific page numbers.


You are encouraged to include photographs, slides and diagrams that support the text of your manuscript. Graphics must be sent in a separate file; do not embed the graphics in the text of the manuscript. High quality photos include JPEG photos scanned at 300DPI. Colour photographs are preferred but WCET will accept black and white. Photographs and illustrations may be provided in electronic format but must be scanned at 300DPI, CMYK (if colour). Files must be saved as JPEG or EPS. Do not submit PDF or PowerPoint files.

Author photograph jpegs should be sharp, clear and at least 150kb in size.


Use generic names for pharmaceutical and any products.




Your manuscript will be edited to WCET® Journal style.

Consent to publish

Author(s) must send the editor the signed WCET® PERMISSION TO PUBLISH alt along with submitted manuscript. Author(s) are responsible for obtaining permission for publication of material obtained from other sources. Where relevant, provide information about any previous publication or presentation of your submitted article on your title page. You must obtain written permission from whoever holds the copyright for your submitted article. Please include a copy of these required permission(s) in the materials you send the editor.

Electronic submission of manuscripts

The WCET® Journal now requires all submissions to be made online.

Submission of manuscripts to WCET® Journal

The WCET® Journal, in conjunction with Cambridge Publishing, uses the world’s leading manuscript management system – ScholarOne.
Submission of all articles for the WCET Journal will only be accepted via this online program.


For a step-by-step guide, click



All tables, figures and photographs, as well as the main document and title page, are to be uploaded separately.
Please ensure image files are uploaded as jpegs and are a MINIMUM of 300kb and no larger than 2mb in size.
The manuscript may be accompanied by a Word document with tables, figures and photographs embedded so as to show the preferred positions of these. This separate file can be uploaded at Step 4 as a cover letter.

To create an Account and/or to Log in to submit manuscripts, click

H E R E.

To create an account when using the system for the first time, click on ‘Create An Account’. Please enter as much information as possible when creating an account.

Once in the system, the steps to submit an article are:

  • Step 1

         Manuscript type, title and abstract.

  • Step 2

         Key words – two are required, up to five allowed.

  • Step 3

         Add co-author and edit your details (if necessary). 

  • Step 4

         Manuscript information and questions on funding, ethics, conflict of interest and copyright.

  • Step 5

         Upload files, including title page, pictures and caption. PDF and PowerPoint files are not


  • Step 6

  Review and SUBMIT.

The ScholarOne website has comprehensive guidelines and online tutorials to assist in using the system. Click on ‘Help’ in the top right hand corner. A PDF of the Author User Guide can be downloaded after choosing ‘Author’ as your role.

Receipt of your contributions

Contributions will be acknowledged when received by the editor.

Editorial review process

Manuscripts are peer-reviewed. The editorial board review process takes time, so please understand that it may be several months before publication decisions are made. Please feel free to communicate with the editor during this waiting time. The editor will communicate with you via email the editorial decision regarding your manuscript.

Publication deadlines

Please note that due to the editorial review process there is no guarantee of when accepted papers will be in the next issue.