The WCET® Executive Board is dedicated to the Mission, Vision and Values of the WCET® and to furthering the development of ostomy, wound and continence care throughout the world.

The WCET® Executive Board is elected by the WCET® members for a two year term. The Congress and Meetings Coordinator is appointed by the President and the Executive Board.


WCET® leadership through the year: History of the WCET™ Executive Board (1978-2018)




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  • President
  • President Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Education Committee Chairperson
  • Norma N Gill Foundation® (NNGF®) Committee Chairperson
  • Congress and Meeting Coordinator

WCET® 2020 - 2022/24 EXECUTIVE BOARD


A number of strategic committees have been established to enable the WCET® to provide a high standard of service to its members and stakeholders.

WCET® Education Committee (established 1978)

The original Education Committee mandate was to ensure a worldwide standard of education across Enterostomal Therapy Nursing Education Programs (ETNEPs). In 1990 guidelines were developed by the Education Committee to standardise Enterostomal Therapy Nursing Education Programs (ETNEPs) to ensure both a uniform delivery of knowledge and the development of the students' abilities and attitudes. ETNEP Directors are invited to submit their program for WCET® recognition. The WCET® recognised programs are reviewed every two to four years by the committee. By 2011 there were 40 WCET recognised ETNEPs.

In 2006, the WCET® Education Committee developed guidelines for Recognised Educational Programs (REPs) in either ostomy, or ostomy and wound, or ostomy and continence care. These programs are in addition to the more traditionally recognised ETNEPs.


Norma N Gill Foundation® (NNGF®) Committee (established 1980)

The Norma N Gill Foundation® (NNGF®) was formally inaugurated in 1980 at the WCET® Congress in Cleveland, USA to honour Norma N Gill, the founder of the WCET®. In 1996, as a result of years of work by various Executive Board members, the WCET® was awarded charitable status in the UK.

The mission of the NNGF® is to raise funds for nursing scholarships to further Enterostomal Therapy Nursing education throughout the world and to help establish stoma care where services are non-existent. Members and non-members are encouraged to apply for NNGF® scholarships.

The NNGF® has since inaugurated the Twinning Project whereby volunteers from a developed country assist and support an emerging country to create or expand Enterostomal Therapy Nursing services in that country through a variety of projects.


WCET® Congress and Meeting Coordinator

A Congress and Meeting Coordinator is appointed by the WCET® President and is a member of the Executive Board. The Congress and Meeting Coordinator assures that the established WCET policies and guidelines for congress venue being followed. The role of Congress and Meeting Coordinator includes making site visits for the proposed congress, collaborating with the Industry Liaison, scheduling the WCET® Executive Board and committee meetings, and arranging the WCET® booth at the attended congresses.




The WCET® constitution is an effective and necessary governing document for running our organisation. Since the WCET® is registered as a charity and undertakes to provide services in communities, having a constitution is a legal requirement. The WCET® constitution is also a way of ensuring that our members, the public and funding bodies can feel confident that the association is being run properly and is financially accountable.

 alt 2020 WCET® Constitution

Charity Commission UK

The WCET® is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

More information on the Charity Commission for England and Wales


WCET® Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board is responsible for article sourcing, editing and the overall management of the WCET® Journal. It is also responsible for the acquisition and scrutiny of Journal submissions as well as the translation of such articles. The Editorial Advisory Board oversees the insertion of industry supplements.


WCET® Constitution Advisory Panel 

The Constitution Advisory Panel for the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists® (WCET®) ensures that the existing Constitutions facilitate the ease of operation of the organizational affairs of the WCET® and comply with the Charities Commission requirements. In addition, the Constitution Advisory Panel shall:

  • Review the existing Constitutions and solicit recommendations for amendments from the membership.
  • Submit recommendations for amendments to the Executive Board and then to the membership for approval.
  • Ensure that the activities of the WCET® and the NNGF®, where applicable, are conducted within the framework of the Constitutions.
  • Arrange for all Constitutional changes to be forwarded to the Charities Commission. If changes to clause 2, 15, or 16 have been accepted by the membership vote, then such changes cannot be acted upon without the approval of the Charities Commission.




Terms of Reference have been developed which outline the mandate of the Executive Board, Committee Chairpersons, International Delegates and other Offices.  These are reviewed and updated annually.

Terms of Reference for Executive Board alt 
Terms of Reference for Committees and IDs alt  
Terms of Reference for the Constitution Advisory Panel - 2010 alt