Has your organisation ever thought about co-hosting a professional conference?

The WCET® encourages other Enterostomal Therapy Nursing or allied organisations to consider linking with the WCET® when planning future conferences.

Professional conferences are well known as an effective way to disseminate new information and promote professional networking among participants.

There are a number of factors to consider when organising your next congress or conference:

  • Enterostomal Therapy Nurses and other allied associated professionals have less available time to attend conferences due to the increasing pressures and demands on our time.
  • In many instances meetings occur simultaneously or close in time to one another forcing the attendee to choose between high quality meetings.
  • Although there is an increasing number of conferences offered every year, health organisations have restricted funding for supporting conference attendance.
  • Industry supporters of conferences have limitations on exhibits and sponsorship funding to assist professionals to attend meetings.


Joint conferences offer a number of advantages including, but not limited to:

  • Travel and time savings for participants, especially those who belong to several organisations.
  • Increased professional exposure for members of both organisations with possible networking and collaborative opportunities.
  • Convenience for exhibitors in terms of shipping, assembly and staffing of their exhibits.


For further information contact the WCET® Congress and Meeting Coordinator.