The Norma N Gill Foundation Committee comprises of the NNGF Chairperson, the WCET Vice President, the WCET Past President and a number of volunteer committee members.

If you are interested in joining the committee please contact the NNGF Chairperson.

2018-2020 NNGF Committee Chairperson



Arum Ratna Pratiwi

[email protected]


2016-2018 WCET NNGF Committee Members

Aihua (Alice) Chen, China

Carmen George, Australia

Elizabeth English, Australia

Carol Stott, Australia

Fiona Bolton, Australia

Silvana Prazeres, Brazil

Vera Santos, Brazil

Mei Chun, China

Widasari Srigitarja, Indonesia

Fatimah Jardeh, Saudi Arabia

Denise Hibbert, Saudi Arabia - WCET Education Committee Chairperson

Lidia Krijit, South Africa

Alison Crawshaw, United Kingdom - WCET Treasurer

Vashti Livingston, USA




2016-2018 Committee Goals & Objectives

1.       Scholarship is distributed on target and optimize scholarship budget.

2.       Continuing identify target and recruit new donor for NNGF funds and rising funds.

3.       Strengthen relationship between existing donor and NNGF and maintenance funding source.

4.       Strengthen relationship among NNGF Committee member and build a solid team.