Your Donations Make a Difference...

...and here are the stories to prove it.  One of the many goals of the Norma N. Gill Foundation® is to award Congress Travel Scholarships to nurses who would otherwise be unable to attend due to financial difficulties.  The biennial WCET® Congress is a rare opportunity for nurses to learn how to best care for their patients and meet the increased need for specialized care required by ostomates and patients with wounds or incontinence. 

Lawrence Ikahu, Kenya

"I would not know even where to begin, for words fail me, though my heart is a true witness of the amount of gratitude...

It makes my life to know that WCET fraternity is such a wonderful family to
belong to, with such committed leadership...

Eight months ago when I first heard of the conference, it made me think harder, work more, and in the process of preparing for the conference, I ended up achieving more for my patients and fellow colleagues!!!

Four years ago when I first handled a patient with a stoma, I would not have
thought that one day, I would be as determined as am now, to improve the
lives of ostomates..."

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Shanti Bajracharya, Nepal



"Stoma care in Nepal faces many problems as a result of poor healthcare resources. I first started stoma care in Nepal and opened a clinic in 1996. At the beginning, there were only seven ostomates. Now there are three to four thousand in total...

It is not uncommon for patients to walk two to three days before they
reach the clinic. Besides, cultural diversion and lack of formal education for most
ostomates have created barriers in their daily living such as going to temples and
worshipping their god. Many more ostomates withdraw from social activities
simply because they believe that they are not ‘normal’ as their bowel is ‘outside the
body’ after surgeries...

With the award of NNGF Congress Travel Scholarship, I was fortunate to attend the
WCET Congress in 2010 and updated my knowledge in ostomy nursing. It enables
me to conduct further training to others in my country."

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Qixia Jiang, China


"The Congress not only allowed voices of Enterostomal Therapists (ET) to be heard in an international platform, but also facilitated exchange of nursing and
research experiences between professionals from various countries. This
is invaluable to nurses from emerging countries as they can now learn the
cutting-edge technologies and new wound care concepts in developed countries and then expand or improve their own services...

I believe that where “there is will, there is a way” and it is never too late to learn and share. In the future, I will continue to strive for the development of ET nursing services and the welfare of ostomates in
China. "


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Irma P. Arisanty, Indonesia


"...With the award of ETNEP scholarships from the Norma N. Gill Foundation, some of our students who experience financial difficulties are now able to pursue their studies at the Centre...

Indonesia is a big country with a lot of small islands. The population is more than 250 million. Although there are more than 150 nurses trained in various specialties of wound, ostomy or incontinence care, this number composes of less than 0.5% of the healthcare workforce in the country and is far from meeting the service requirement..."

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Archana Dhungana, Nepal


"...The country population is 29 million and nursing in Nepal is a great

...Surgeons have been performing various ostomy surgeries for many years in Nepal. However, there are only three qualified Enterostomal Therapists (ET) and they are responsible to provide care for all patients across the country. So there is an urgent need for more nurses to be trained in ET nursing to help ostomates in the care of stomas and during their rehabilitation...

I became a member of the WCET family since 2009. I was benefited from the
WCET membership in various ways. The WCET journal is particularly useful to our nurses in Nepal. It contains a lot of valuable information related to wound and ostomy care and has brought many changes in our practice..."




Aihua Chen, China


"...Interventions provided by certified Enterostomal Therapists (ET) during the
pre-operative and post-operative phases has been shown in various literatures that they improve the surgical outcomes, rehabilitation process and quality of life of the patients...

However, in some emerging countries such as China, there is a large gap between demand and provision of professional ET nursing services. For instance, there is an annual increase of 200 ostomates in Wenzhou. However, only 20 ETs are practising in the whole Zhejiang Province. Therefore, there is an urgency to provide more ET education so that professional ET nursing can be extended to areas where the service was previously non-existent..."

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