The WCET® NNGF® Twinning Project were established in 1999 to increase awareness of the differences between developed and emerging countries. By establishing and fostering links between Enterostomal Therapy Nurses in developed countries and registered nurses in emerging countries, the goal of the NNGF® Twinning Project is to promote and develop the specialty of Enterostomal Therapy Nursing.

The aim is to narrow the gap in terms of what is available to the nurses and their patients in emerging countries in the areas of information, educational support and product availability.

The NNGF® facilitates the Twinning Projects. However, the participating countries are free to develop and nurture their particular partnership according to the opportunities and needs of the emerging country. The NNGF® Chairperson requests six-monthly reports.

The Twinning Projects can vary according to the needs of the emerging country. Examples include:

  • Providing guidance in setting up an Enterostomal Therapy Nurses Association
  • Developing and establishing Enterostomal Therapy Nursing standards
  • Providing assistance in translating NNGF® scholarship application forms or WCET® Journal articles
  • Providing onsite training in an emerging country by Enterostomal Therapy Nurses from a developed country
  • Providing assistance to set up an Enterostomal Therapy Nursing Education Program (ETNEP) or a Recognized Educational Program (REP) under the auspices of the WCET® Education Committee
  • Sponsoring WCET memberships and/or attendance at the WCET Congress
  • Donating textbooks, slides, posters and other educational materials 

The NNGF® welcomes collaboration with other charitable groups and patient organisations that may have an established twinning relationship or are thinking of developing a twinning project.

The NNGF® Twinning Project has led to successful long and short term partnerships and improving the standards of Enterostomal Therapy Nursing around the globe.

For more information on the Twinning Projects or sponsorship opportunities contact the NNGF® Committee Chairperson.


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