The WCET® Journal is a reliable source of information and a reference tool that can be applied to Enterostomal Therapy Nursing clinical practice. Despite differences in culture and health care settings, the WCET® Journal emphasizes the commonality of practice: patient assessment, mutual goal setting, appropriate intervention and evaluation.

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WCET® Journal 2019: Volume 39 (issues 1-4)

WCET® Journal 2018: Volume 38 (Issues 1-4)

WCET Journal 2017: Volume 37 (Issues 1-4)

WCET Journal 2016: Volume 36 (Issues 1-4)

WCET Journal 2015: Volume 35 (Issues-1-4)

WCET Journal 2014: Volume 34 (Issues 1-4)

WCET Journal 2013: Volume 33 (Issues 1-4)

WCET Journal 2012: Volume 32 (Issues 1-4)

WCET Journal 2011: Volume 31 (Editions 1-3)

WCET Journal 2010: Volume 30 (Editions 1-4)

WCET Journal 2009: Volume 29 (Editions 1-4)

WCET Journal 2008: Volume 28 (Editions 1-4)

WCET Journal 2007: Volume 27 (Editions 1-4)

WCET Journal 2006: Volume 26 (Editions 1-4)

WCET Journal 2005: Volume 25 (Editions 1-4)

WCET Journal 2004: Volume 24 (Editions 1-4)

(Indexing was introduced in 2004)


If you would like information about WCET Journals prior to 2002 please contact the WCET® JOURNAL EDITOR.