WCET® Terms and Definitions

In 2015, WCET® Journal has included common wound, ostomy and incontinence-related terms and definitions. 

Effective communication between disciplines and between geographic areas is critical for quality care. Yet, different definitions may be used for the same term. Publishing definition should allow for consistency in terms and definitions for everyone, regardless of where they live. 

The purpose of these definitions is to help writers, researchers and our readers have a common understanding of terminology.

If you use a different definition or have other terms, please send them to Karen Zulkowski, WCET Journal Executive Editor at [email protected] so we can include them.

WCET® Wound Terms and Definition

WCET Journal Volume 35 Number 1 – January/March 2015 has wound terms and definitions.





WCET® Ostomy Terms and Definitions

WCET Journal Volume 35 Number 2 – April/June 2015 and
WCET Journal Volume 35 Number 3 – July/September 2015 have ostomy definitions from the WCET International Ostomy Guideline (2014).






WCET® Continence Terms and Definitions

WCET Journal Volume 35 Number 4 – October/December 2015 has Continence terms and definitions.